The Artist


Natalia Avdeeva is a London-based Russian artist.  She is a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) and the recipient of both Russian and British awards
and prizes including the Windsor and Newton Young Artist Award (2011) and the Royal Society of Marine Artists Young Artist Award (2016). She was shortlisted in BBC’s Show me the Monet’ series in 2013.

Natalia Avdeeva’s works are huge, powerful landscapes with vast skies and affecting vistas.  Each is a piece unique, based on plein air studies and has been created using an innovative technique that combines painting with print-making technology.

Painting these vast skies seems to come instinctively to the artist who was born, and grew up, in the Altai region of Russia, in Southern Siberia where the borders of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia meet.  Altai is a majestic land of immense proportions and extreme climates – exceptionally hot summers and winters where the temperature regularly drops below -40ºc.  The boundless skies, the mountains and glacial lakes of the region’s natural environment provided the inspirational backdrop for the artist’s childhood where her first job was picking herbs in the mountain passes for the local shaman.  This natural influence is clearly evident in her work today and she describes her sense of being “in dialogue with the natural world, with the air, the sky.”

The daughter of an artist father and an architect mother, Natalia Avdeeva had a hunger for creative expression from a young age and trained as a painter at the Barnaul School of Fine Art in Siberia,Russia. She gained an MA in English and German teaching at Barnaul State Teacher Training University After graduation she moved to St. Petersburg and worked as a train
ed tour guide to the city’s Hermitage Museum and Summer Residencies, gaining an in-depth knowledge of Russian art. She moved to London in 2006 to study at Heatherleys School of Fine Art where she graduated in 2010 with diplomas in both Fine Art and Print-Making, and received the college’s annual Print-Making Prize.

Since graduation from Heatherleys, she has exhibited widely in group and solo shows and at London and international art fairs. Her work has been bought by public museums and private collectors across the world.  As well as painting, Natalia teaches art and is the co-director of Plein Air, a King’s Road gallery.  She lives and works in Chelsea.




September 2016                     RSMA Young Artist Award  (Royal Society of Marine Artists)
December 2013                       Elected a Full Member of Royal Institute of Oil Painters, UK
December 2012                       Elected an Associate Member of Royal Institute of Oil Painters, UK
November 2011                       1st Prize Windsor & Newton Young Artist Award, UK
January 2011                            Shortlisted ‘Show me the Monet’ BBC London
November 2009                      2nd Prize at Painting Event with ROI Members, ROI, UK
June 2008                                  Print Making Prize Heatherley School of Fine Art, UK
Dates                                          Sitka Artist Residency, Oregon, USA


June 2017                                   Above and Beyond, Bankside Gallery, London
March 2016                               Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London.
June 2015                                  Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath
April 2015                                   Visions in Graphite, Plein Air Contemporary
December 2014                       Chelsea in Red, Plein Air Contemporary
December 2014                       ROI Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries, London
November 2014                      Solo show: Drawn to Water, Gallery 54, London
June 2014                                  La Luce Magica, Plein Air Contemporary, London
June 2014                                  Chelsea Arts Society Annual Exhibition, Chelsea Town Hall, London
April 2014                                   Drawing Chelsea Spring Plein Air Event and Exhibition
December 2013                       ROI Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries, London
November 2013                      EXPLOSIVE (New Works), Loughborough Hotel Gallery, London
August 2013                              Summer Exhibition, Osborne Studio Gallery, London
March 2013                               Six Degrees of Diversity, Loughbourgh Hotel Gallery, London
December 2012                       State Kirov Vastnetzov Museum (Russia)
December 2012                       ROI Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries, London
July 2012                                    Movement in Sport & Our Great Metropolis, Osborne Studio Gallery, London
May 2012                                   Sea and River Studies, Chelsea Framers Gallery, London
March 2012                               Affordable Art Fair, Catharine Miller Fine Art & Artichoke Galleries, London
December 2011                       Group show: ROI Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries, London
October 2011                            20 Years Artichoke Printmaking, Bankside Gallery, London
June 2011                                   CAS Chelsea Art Society Annual Exhibition, Chelsea Town Hall, London
March 2011                                Affordable Art Fair, London
February 2011                          International Art Fair 20/21, London
March 2010                               Affordable Art Fair, London
March 2010                               Affordable Art Fair, London

2009-2010                                 Diploma Print-Making, Heatherleys School of Fine Art, London
2006-2009                                 Diploma Painting Heatherleys School of Fine Art, London
1999-2004                                 MA, Teacher of English & German, Barnaul State Teacher Training University
Dates                                          Barnaul School of Fine Art in Siberia

Current                                       Private Art Tutor, Director Plein Air Contemporary, London
2005                                            Tour Guide Hermitage Museum and Summer Residencies, St Petersburg

State Barnaul Museum, Russia
State Kirov Museum, Russia
Sitka Museum, Oregon, USA
Private Collections in Japan, China, Tanzania, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, France.