The Isles of Scilly Project

The Isles of Scilly Project

Natalia Avdeeva’s new adventure takes her to the hidden Tresco Island, in the Celtic sea, 37 miles from Penzance, for her latest exciting painting project.

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Sand as far as the eye can see, between the last hills and the sea – the sea – in the cold air of an afternoon almost past, and blessed by the wind that always blows from the north.‘ Baricco, Oceanomare

It is easy to loose track of time on the remote island of Tresco. You become absorbed into a different dimension; colours and smells are so vivid that you feel almost a part of nature itself. Waiting for the low tide has never been as thrilling as that for me. The moment when the turquoise water begins to recede, the white sand stretches for miles and the sea reveals its myriad treasures. Captivated by this island, I returned there to explore it for 14 days, far and beyond, to express in my works these feelings that just a place like that can inspire you.

The Scilly Isles is just one of the locations you’ll see presented in over 150 paintings, studies and drawings this summer at the Bankside Gallery.

This solo exhibition will showcase a brand new collection of unseen immersive and colourful landscape works. From 20th June until 2nd July 2017.

Land, sea and cityscapes.